State-based Policy Reform Efforts

Driving Priority Issues

ADA DIR Shifting the Balance of Power [PDF]

Together, we’re advancing laws that make dental insurance work better for dentists & patients.

Assignment of Benefits

Assignment of Benefits [PDF]

Assignment of benefit laws empower patients to have their benefit payment sent directly to their dentist. These laws require dental plans to pay dentists directly when the enrolled patient instructs their plans to do so.

Last updated: August 2021

Dental Insurance Reform State Legislation 2021

Dental Insurance Reform State Legislation 2021 [PDF]

Several dental insurance reform bills are filed each year. Some measures have a direct impact on dental benefits while others propose indirect changes. This document provides a snapshot of the pertinent reform legislation in the states. Last updated: September 2021

Retroactive Denials

Retroactive Denial of Coverage [PDF]

Dental plans have the ability to review claims after payment has been delivered to dentists and request claim payment refunds under certain circumstances. The laws—presented in this document—restrict the timeframe in which insurers are allowed to request such a refund.

Last updated: August 2021

Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual Credit Card – Claim Payment Restrictions [PDF]

Virtual credit card laws generally require plans to alert dentists of a fee requirement to access claim payment and to provide alternative, non-fee payment options. This document includes a brief summary of a state’s law along with the bill numbers that link to the respective state’s websites.

Last updated: August 2021