Credentialing 101 for Dentists

CAQH Provider Data Portal is the new name for CAQH ProView

Dentists have reported waiting up to 6 months to get credentialed with certain commercial and state insurance plans. This can be disruptive to patients who are waiting for doctors to get credentialed so that they can receive the benefits of seeing a network provider. The ADA® credentialing service, powered by CAQH® offers a one-stop shop for credentialing which provides a digital solution to the slow and cumbersome traditional paper application method. The goal of the service is to reduce the administrative burden of filling out repetitive information for multiple dental plans. CAQH helps dentists by allowing them to store, maintain and control their own credentialing information while ensuring that it is kept current and is available to approved dental plans when needed for re-credentialing.

In this webinar, dentists and their office staff will learn more about the value proposition of how going digital with CAQH will help free up dentists to focus more of their time on their patients. Additionally, the webinar will cover the 101’s about how any dentist can log in to their ADA accounts, and some key tips and take-aways about how to set up, maintain and manage their digital credentialing data. The webinar also concludes with a robust Q&A session that addresses many of the most common questions that the ADA answers about the credentialing service.

Download the Power Point slides from the presentation.

Intro to CAQH®

Oct 26, 2022