Why Survey Patients

Guidelines for Practice Success | Managing Marketing | The Patient Survey

The most accurate way to assess what differentiates your practice from others in the area is to survey current patients. This activity is the start of your market research and will reveal what patients like about your practice and why they keep coming back.

While a patient survey may seem very basic, perhaps even too basic to yield any real “data,” it is an effective method of assessing patients’ reactions to your marketing messages and methods. It will also provide valuable input for developing, or redefining, your overall marketing strategy.

Consider the two following statements and select the one that you think would attract new patients:

  1. “Dr. Jones is an experienced dentist, well-versed in all facets of restorative dentistry, preventive approaches and the latest cosmetic treatments.”
  2. “Dr. Jones is a wonderful dentist. She restored my smile, made me feel better about my appearance and really boosted my self-confidence.”

While the first statement is a condensed version of your CV, the second statement presents an evocative and life-altering testimonial that will resonate with prospective patients. Patients looking for a dentist will relate to statements like that and imagine having a similar experience in your practice. The possibility of developing such a rewarding doctor-patient relationship will mean more to them than the newest technology you’ve added to the practice.

Again, surveying active patients who are satisfied with the treatment and care they’ve received in your practice provides timely, relevant and actionable feedback. That information can become the basis for your next marketing campaign.