Collecting and Using the Data from Patient Surveys

Guidelines for Practice Success | Managing Marketing | The Patient Survey

Assign a staff member to collect survey responses; if you used an e-survey tool, it will likely provide that information for you in a very user-friendly format.

The results of the survey will provide you with the data and information you need in order to develop a marketing plan that’s built on honest and objective messaging based on input from your current patients: after all, they know your practice better than anyone who’s not part of the staff.

That approach will guide and refine your marketing messaging so it delivers more prospective patients who, if managed correctly, will become active patients and help the practice increase production.

The information will also remind you and your team about the traits and benefits that really matter to your current patients, ensuring that everyone in the practice remains engaged in delivering an optimum experience for each patient that walks through the door.

From a “dollars and sense” perspective, it may also offer some insights regarding which areas of practice should be added, or emphasized, to ensure that you’re offering patients the right balance of services.