Be a Great Boss

Are you a good boss? Does your staff like you?

Thriving dental practices run as a team. They’re often led by generous owners who focus on making sure their dental team has what they need to do their jobs. Great bosses are kind. They’re like your favorite high school teacher or coach. They appreciate what each individual employee has to offer the team and then manages them according to their personality.

Does this describe you?
If your answer is no, then maybe it’s time you took a step back and try a different approach with your staff. Below are some tips to get you started.

How to be a great boss: 

  1. Be Nice
    Most people don’t respond well to harsh criticism when they make mistakes. When employees make errors, instead of criticizing them, treat it as an opportunity for them to learn the right way.
  2. Delegate
    If you don’t have good people skills, that’s okay. You can still be a great boss. You may have to delegate responsibility to someone else for the types of tasks that require strong people skills. Delegating is part of being a good boss. Delegating also gives your staff a chance to bloom and handle responsibilities that they wouldn’t otherwise get if you tried to do everything yourself.
  3. Be Generous
    Pay your employees appropriately and offer a strong benefit package.
  4. Communicate
    Ask employees what you can do to make their jobs easier. Ask for their opinions. This shows your interest in individual staff development.
  5. Be Available
    Develop an open-door policy. Be open to employees’ ideas and suggestions and implement them.
  6. Offer Education
    Provide days off for educational opportunities, and better yet, pay for the course if it relates to their jobs.
  7. Listen and Respond
    When your employees speak with you, make sure you repeat back what they said so they know you are listening.

The above content is excerpted from Episode 8: Be a Great Boss, an audio presentation created by the ADA and featuring Mary Byers, a professional speaker and writer who specializes in information designed to help people live and work more fully. Listen to the complete recording below.

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