Treatment Planning for the Geriatric Patient [Webinar]

In this on-demand webinar recorded on September 19, 2018, Dr. Gregory Folse, a Louisiana dentist and member of the American Dental Association's National Elder Care Advisory Committee who exclusively works in nursing homes, discusses the ins and outs of treating geriatric patients and provides clear direction to the treatment planning process.

The webinar also covers the "Deadly Five" conditions - which include dehydration and aspiration - that stop or delay oral care and affect treatment planning decisions while providing answers to many dental, medical, pharmacological and psychological concerns.

In addition, viewers will learn:

  • How to develop treatment appropriate treatment plans for geriatric patients in all stages of life.
  • When to provide dental treatment, maintain oral disease, or do nothing at all.
  • Potentially adverse dental, medical, pharmacological, and psychological issues that guide the decision making process.

About the Presenter

Dr. Gregory Folse

Dr. Gregory Folse, a member of the American Dental Association’s National Advisory Committee on Elder Care runs a mobile, geriatric dental practice that provides comprehensive dental treatment to 3800 nursing facility residents across the state of Louisiana. He is a master of geriatric dentistry and denture care and a true advocate for vulnerable patient populations that cares deeply for them, and passionately enjoys helping others to treat them.