Recare Appointments

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Most practice management software systems allow you to track appointments. It’s important to contact patients to schedule recare appointments at the appropriate intervals for continuation of care. Keep in mind that some patients will prefer to make their next appointment at the end of the current one.

There are some patients that will not schedule recare appointments. Systems should be in place to track and engage these patients to keep them active in their healthcare prevention. One tip would be to utilize your management software program to run monthly reports of overdue patients and to designate a team member to contact them. With office systems in place office productivity and efficiency will increase.

  • Recare appointments are essential to maintaining and monitoring patients’ oral health. Pre-appointing hygiene patients at the end of their current appointment is a very efficient and productive strategy for recare.
  • This is an opportunity for you to become a preventive health partner and build life-long relationships with your patients. Teach patients that regular visits to the dentist do not just maintain oral health, but may also help prevent serious health conditions and maintain optimal overall wellbeing.
  • If the appointment is not added to a patient’s calendar months in advance, they are likely to put it off indefinitely. With today’s technology we are able schedule appointments and issue a pop-up reminder days, and even minutes, before the appointment is scheduled.