Reception Area and Office Decor

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Your office décor communicates your attitude towards patients, your philosophy of dental practice, and maybe even a little about your interests outside of the practice. Since this is a new patients’ first real contact with you, take a moment to see it through their eyes. Step outside, and before coming back in, imagine you’re a new patient entering the practice for the first time. How does the front desk and reception room look? Is it clean, tidy and orderly? Are the color schemes and furnishings outdated or showing signs of wear? A cheery, pleasant and comfortable reception room will put patients at ease and offer subtle cues about how much you value your patients.

  • You may want to consider whether the reception area is cheerful and comfortable without being obviously showy or extravagant.
  • Remember that women make 85% of all health care appointments for their families. Make the reception area comfortable for them.
  • Remember that patients may use what they see around them to form an opinion about and the quality of care you provide. Make sure the reception area reflects the quality, cleanliness, and state of the art of your practice.

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