Bridge to SmileCon Webinar Series

Missed a webinar or want to watch one again? Here are the 2023 webinars featuring SmileCon® educators. Each earns 1 CE credit.

people representing meeting attendees
Bridge to SmileCon webinar with Dr. Ashleigh Briody
Hone your screening skills and learn to recognize precancerous and cancerous lesions.
Bridge to SmileCon webinar with Denise Williams-Jones
Learn out-of-the-box hiring and retention strategies to build an all-star dental team.
Bridge to SmileCon webinar Patients First - How to Create Long-Lasting Relationships
Build patient relationships with proven advice from a Duke professor and improv comedian.
April Bridge to SmileCon webinar with Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz
Learn a variety of prep designs for minimally invasive bonded bridges.
May Bridge to SmileCon webinar presented by Amber Riley
Learn to educate patients about the connection between oral pathologies and cardiovascular disease
June Bridge to SmileCon webinar with Shannon Pace Brinker
Learn practical techniques for in-office and take-home whitening, leading to increased revenue potential.
Bridge to SmileCon July webinar icon
Where to begin and how to grow your practice with social media.
August Bridge to SmileCon webinar: Leveraging AI and Digital Dentistry for Enhanced Patient Care
Explore how AI and digital dentistry technologies can be leveraged.