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Choosing a beneficiary for your IRA or 401(k)

Establishing or participating in a retirement plan is an important part of your financial future. If you currently have a retirement plan, understanding all of your options when it comes to naming a beneficiary is an important part of your planning.



Is your office ready? EPA Amalgam separator ruling still on track for July 14 deadline

Despite the unprecedented upheaval caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the Environmental Protection Agency’s amalgam separator requirements will go into effect July 14. As required by the Environmental Protection Agency ruling, certain dental facilities that discharge waste water into a publicly-owned treatment works, for example municipal sewer systems, may be subject to the law.

Should I bill dental or medical?
by Christine Taxin

While you may find yourself focusing on fewer patients and more emergency care, it’s a good time to understand how medical billing can allow patients with active infection in the oral cavity to seek the treatment they need. Learning to work with medical insurers can be an important step as you strive to protect patients' health and improve their lives.

Tell your patients’ stories for medical billing
by Laurie Owens, CPC, CPB

Chart notes for dentistry are the stories we tell about our patients. To tell these stories accurately, we must tell them well. There is a structure in medical and dental notes that we’ve gotten away from (to a large degree through the habit of texting) and we need to get back to it. Ms. Owens reviews the "SOAP" structure for good chart notes.


Understanding the new normal
by Dr. Kimberly A. Harms

This is not the first time that a global pandemic threw dentists into a panic. In the late 1980s the revelation that a dentist with AIDS was reported to have transmitted HIV to a young patient in Florida caused great apprehension among the general population. As we look ahead to dentistry’s “new normal” in the era of a deadly respiratory pandemic, let’s remember a few things we learned from our last major deadly bloodborne pandemic.


Learn from the strengths of team members from all generations
by Cindy Ishimoto

One of the most powerful tools that can create a climate of trust and cooperation lies in understanding what drives each generation. Each brings its own strengths and weaknesses, differing work philosophies and priorities to the practice. It’s important to appreciate distinctive characteristics and ways of communicating.

The COVID-19 strategic recovery plan
by Dr. Roger P. Levin

Before COVID-19, the concept of strategic planning was typically focused on a five-year time horizon. Now an even more difficult question sits in front of us: “Where will we be in five MONTHS?” That question is more important than any other as it regards your practice. Where will you be in five months and how will you get there?

Why do dental professionals wear scrubs?

Having all staff wear scrubs is often a strategic tactic to communicate to patients a sense of professionalism that assists in building trust and aiding in the perception of cleanliness. Additionally, it is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirement that proper garments be worn in the dental office to ensure worker safety.

ADA Member Advantage-endorsed companies respond to COVID-19 pandemic

During these uncertain times, there is a lot of anxiety and understandably some of that comes in the form of financial worries. ADA Member Advantage-endorsed companies that provide financial services have offered information for their customers and ADA members.


The impact of COVID-19 on U.S. dental practices

To better understand the impact of COVID-19 on U.S. dental practices, the ADA Health Policy Institute has initiated a biweekly poll on economic conditions during the pandemic. The latest wave of this poll, collecting data for the week of May 4, shows early signs of movement in a positive direction among dental practices as some states reopened. HPI will continue to track data over time, every two weeks, in every state, to provide a real time snapshot of how the situation is unfolding. For the latest complete results, visit


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