Credentialing for office managers

Resources to make credentialing easy, no matter what size dental practice you’re serving.

The ADA credentialing service, powered by CAQH®, makes credentialing tasks simpler. Whether you’re managing credentials for one dentist or several, you’ll find the tools you need right here.

Learn how to manage credentials for one dentist or more.
Learn how our digital solution can offer a one-stop shop for credentialing.
Step-by-step instructions for single or bulk uploads.

Frequently asked questions

The credentialing system requires an ADA ID number for each dentist. Where can I find this information?

Most U.S. dentists have an ADA ID number, even if they are not active members of the ADA. We’ve made it easy for you to obtain the ID number for any dentist in your practice. Click here to contact the ADA Member Service Center (MSC), where a staff member will help you find the number you need. If you have questions or need further assistance, email us at or call (800) 621-8099.

How can I get a new ADA account password for a dentist who has forgotten or misplaced it?

Dentists must complete this step themselves. Direct them to the ADA login page, where they can click “forgot password” to reset. If preferred, dentists can contact the ADA Member Service Center at or (800) 621-8099 for assistance.

How can I get credentialing updates and reminders on behalf of dentists?

Once you have access to your dentist’s CAQH profile, enter your own email or a shared practice email in the required fields (“Primary Email” and “PMOC 1”). Future emails will go to the address you specify.

Where can I go for more help?

We’re here for you! Contact the ADA Member Service Center for support with any credentialing question. Email us at or call (800) 621-8099.