All Interested Parties Review of Dental Standards

The following proposed ADA standards are available for review and comment until January 29, 2023. Technical Reports are available for direct download below. To make comments on any of the documents, download the comments template, indicate which document you are commenting on, enter your comments and email to

Proposed ADA Standard No. 165 Dentistry - Vocabulary of Process Chain for Dental CAD/CAM Systems specifies terms, synonyms for terms and definitions used in the process chain for CAD/CAM systems in dentistry. Differing terms and designations for individual system parts and process steps used in product descriptions and instructions for use are employed by the various manufacturers of dental CAD/CAM systems. To provide guidance and avoid confusion among dentists and dental technicians, the ADA SCDP decided to prepare a standard for vocabulary used in the process chain for CAD/CAM systems. This proposed document is a modified adoption of ISO 18739:2016, Dentistry – Vocabulary of process chain for CAD/CAM systems; and ISO TR 22710:2019, Dentistry – Vocabulary of process chain from dental CT to CAD/CAM for implant prosthetic restorations – Backward planning in the digital process chain.

To obtain a copy of Proposed ADA Standard No. 165, please send an e-mail request to

Proposed Revision of ADA Technical Report No. 1021 Data Integrity, Redundancy, Storage and Accessibility reviews options presently available to prevent data loss and corruption, maintain data integrity and restore and maintain access to data (backup); noting their effects on a dental facility’s standard operating procedures. It also discusses appropriate contingency plans in emergency situations for recovery and authentication (verification) of the data as well as accessing the information.

Download Proposed ADA TR 1021

Proposed Revision of ADA Technical Report No. 1081 FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) Program for Dental Devices and Biologics Regulated as Medical Devices discusses the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) UDI (unique device identification) rule establishing a system to identify medical devices from manufacturing through distribution to the consumer. The report provides dental practitioners with an understanding of this rule and what it is required for dental devices used in practice, from the clinician’s perspective.

Download Proposed ADA TR 1081

Proposed Revision of ADA Technical Report No. 1096 Electronic Protected Health Information HIPAA Security Risk Analysis assists covered practitioners in fulfilling their legally mandated obligation to conduct a security risk analysis, develop a plan to protect patient data privacy and security and to train the dental team. In doing so, the document will help covered entities to understand and analyze the risk, and assist in choosing the appropriate partners in the fields (in terms of vendors of software and/or services) in order to help train and protect all the parties involved.

Download Proposed ADA TR 1096

Proposed ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1099 Quality Assurance for Digital Panoramic/Cephalometric Radiology establishes clear protocols to ensure adequate quality assurance for digital panoramic and cephalometric radiographic examinations. There are essentially three components involved with any panoramic and cephalometric digital imaging system: The x-ray source, the digital image acquisition device with a solid-state sensor, or PSP imaging plate and scanner and the image display device. Each of these components is addressed in this standard.

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