All Interested Parties Review of Dental Standards

The following proposed ADA standard is available for review and comment until March 16, 2022.  To obtain a full copy of the document and learn how to submit comments, call 312.440.2506 or send an e-mail request to

ANSI/ADA Standard No. 136 for Dentistry – Products for External Tooth Bleaching specifies the requirements and test methods for external tooth bleaching products. These products are intended for use in the oral cavity, either by professional application (in-office tooth bleaching products) or consumer application (professional or nonprofessional home use of tooth bleaching products), or both. It also specifies requirements for their packaging, labelling and manufacturer’s instructions for use. This proposed document is a revision of ANSI/ADA Standard No. 136:2015 and is a modified adoption of ISO 28399:2021 Dentistry — Products for external tooth bleaching.