Minimal Dental Implant Data Set for Clinical Use

ANSI/ADA Standard No. 172 Executive Summary

What is ANSI/ADA Standard No. 172 about?

Treatment of a patient who has had a dental implant body or bodies placed in their jaw(s) requires the availability of accurate information concerning the implants and any connecting components and adjunctive devices that have been utilized. This standard describes a minimal data set for meeting this requirement. This minimal data set is intended to facilitate the care of patients who have been treated with dental implants by recording the relevant details of the inserted device(s) and any associated connecting components and adjunctive devices.

What are the requirements I should know about for the dental implant data set?

The implant data set will comprise the locations and types of dental implant bodies, connecting components and adjunctive devices, including grafting materials, placed in a patient’s jaw(s). This information includes patient’s identification, clinician’s identification and identification information for each dental implant body, abutment, screw and other component, including premanufactured components and patient-specific components. The information should be recorded by the responsible clinician in the patient's file and should be made available to the patient by the clinician(s) who provided the care.

What’s the bottom line?

ANSI/ADA Standard No. 172 specifies the minimal data set to be recorded for a patient receiving dental implant treatment.