Strategies for an Unwanted Contract in Your Dental Practice

Over the course of your career, you’ll likely be asked to execute many contracts. Equipment purchase agreements, real estate leases, employment agreements and software licenses are just a sample of the many types of agreements you may be asked to sign. You should always carefully read any agreement before signing it. These contracts may provide you with various benefits, but they may also place a good deal of responsibility on you.

On occasion, you may wish to terminate a contract that you feel is not working for you. In many cases, it would be best to fulfill your obligations under the contract and then elect not to renew it at the end of the contract term. But in some cases, you may decide that you would like to get out of the contract before the end date.

The short video provides tips on issues to consider and actions to take when deciding whether to attempt to terminate a contract early. It's important to proceed with caution in this situation. You should always discuss your legal options with your own attorney.