Video Marketing

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Businesses that launch comprehensive marketing campaigns often want to be in all places at all times. One way to help accomplish this is through video marketing, which allows the practice to capture and present its expertise to both current and prospective patients. Videos should:

  • Be short, typically less than three minutes long;
  • Educate the viewer, not promote the practice or any services you offer;
  • Close with a camera card shot with the practice’s contact information.

Video marketing can be used to:

  • Take the viewer on a walking tour of the practice so prospective patients can see your practice before visiting. These types of videos are often featured on hotel or restaurant websites.
  • Promote the practice through 30-second patient testimonials posted on the practice’s website or channel. These types of videos offer the added benefit of being short enough to post on other social media channels.
  • Feature your staff.

Three video formats frequently used to market dental practices include:

  • Video testimonials from patients who are truly ecstatic about the results of your work and who are happy to sing your praises with a glowing review. These videos can be highly effective and lead to many word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Educational spots that explain some aspect of dentistry performed in your office, such as a particular procedure or treatment, or even how your front desk manages patient intake.
  • Conversational segments, such as dialogues on a single topic between a patient and you or a member of your team. You or your team member can be off-camera and ask questions, perhaps about a specific treatment or procedure, that the patient answers. This do-it-yourself patient perspective can be an effective way to promote the brand.

Don’t Forget!

Be sure to review the applicable regulations issued by your state dental board and all relevant state and local laws before beginning any video marketing campaign to ensure you’re in compliance. It’s possible that some jurisdictions may prohibit soliciting online reviews by patients.