Electronic Dental Laboratory Prescription Forms

ADA Technical Report No. 1054 Executive Summary

What is ANSI/ADA Technical Report No. 1054 about?

This technical report describes the process for the dentist to develop a dental laboratory fabrication via an electronic prescription. It covers a doctor’s prescriptive data and preferences for the fabrication of a fixed or removable dental appliance. Note that this technical report is meant to be used in conjunction with ADA Technical Report No. 1041, Content of Electronic Dental Laboratory Prescriptions.

What are some of the issues covered in this technical report?

This technical report provides a step-by-step process for the selection of all the elements that must be addressed by the practitioner’s software in order to develop a complete electronic laboratory prescription for a fixed or for a removable dental appliance. The process provides workflow and data templates for the development of the electronic dental laboratory prescriptions.

What are the three major points a dentist needs to know?

  1. Laboratory prescription formats: Unique prescription software workflow formats are presented to guide the generation of electronic laboratory prescriptions for fixed restorations and for removable dentures.
  2. The electronic laboratory prescriptions, which include patient information, may be used for laboratory fabrications such as implant restorations, overdentures, orthodontic appliances, night guards, and maxillofacial prostheses.
  3. This technical report, when used in conjunction with ADA Technical Report No. 1041, will facilitate the development of software programs that provide the workflow and data capture necessary to generate electronic dental laboratory prescriptions.

What do dentists need to consider when implementing electronic dental laboratory prescriptions?

  1. Format and content – Does the software permit data entry of the required information in an electronic format that meets the needs of both the practitioner and the dental laboratory?
  2. Meets requirements – Am I providing the necessary information and meeting my state’s requirements when prescribing for the fabrication of dental prostheses using the services of a dental laboratory?
  3. Privacy and Security – Do my office procedures and computer system as well as the dental laboratory’s procedures and computer system ensure patient data security and privacy?