Solving dental insurance issues

Challenges with dental insurance can take up valuable time and resources, so we’re here to help. Here you’ll find the answers you need, helpful tools and products that streamline the process, and an understanding of how the ADA is working on policy reform, locally and nationally. The ADA is constantly enhancing its ready-to-use member resources to help you successfully navigate everyday dental insurance obstacles on behalf of your patients. 

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Dealing with insurance companies keeps me up at night
Guidance on complex insurance questions

Members can find on-demand webinars, helpful articles and downloadable guides for common dental insurance issues, including assistance with provider contracts, dental benefits questions and more with the ADA’s dental insurance resources.

Customized industry solutions

Create your own in-office plan with Bento, simplify paperwork with the ADA® credentialing service and learn about CDT.

Industry solutions help to simplify reimbursement, streamling credentialing, and creating custom dental plans
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Dental insurance reform

Dental insurance issues are invariably rated among the most important concerns confronting dentists. On the national front and together with state dental societies, the ADA is working to achieve key legislative policy reforms.

ADA Third Party Payer Concierge™

Do you have a dental insurance question or concern? If so, the ADA Third Party Payer Concierge is here to help! This is a free service for ADA members. You can reach the Concierge from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday.

Phone: 800-621-8099