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For answers to more HIPAA compliance questions and in-depth resources, see the Center for Professional Success.
  • When must a covered dental practice’s staff receive HIPAA training?
  • When my dental practice staff needs to leave a message for one of its patients, how specific a message may be left on a patient’s voicemail?
  • Which form do I ask my patients to sign when I give them the Notice of Privacy Practices?
  • If a patient refuses to sign an acknowledgement form, can I refuse to treat the patient?
  • Do returning patients have to sign a HIPAA form every single time they visit, or is it once a year, or how often do we really need to have them sign it?
  • May we discuss a patient’s treatment, medication, or condition in front of family members or friends?
  • The Business Associate Agreement template in the ADA HIPAA Kit has a blank space in the “Recitals” section on its first page that we don’t know how to complete. What should we write there?
  • I have begun hearing that using email to send X-rays is not HIPAA compliant. Is this true?
  • My IT tech support and/or my colleagues are telling me to encrypt my servers, workstations, laptops, tablets etc. Is this a HIPAA requirement?
  • My technology vendor is telling me that my operating system is not HIPAA compliant. Is this true?