Dental Standards Executive Summaries: Prosthodontic Materials and Dental Implants

Standards for materials like polymers, ceramic for prostheses and devices implanted in the oral cavity.
Requirements for dental casting investments and refractory die materials in the dental laboratory.
Test method to calibrate a dental furnace used in heat treatment of silica-based ceramic restorations.
Requirements for materials used in all-ceramic and metal-ceramic restorations and prostheses.
Test method which enables the monitoring of temperature control in a dental furnace.
Requirements and test methods for acceptable properties of dental gypsum products.
Requirements and test methods for acceptable properties of elastomeric impression materials.
Information on shade conformity and interconvertibility of mono/polychromatic tissues.
Requirements for elastic aqueous agar and alginate hydrocolloid dental impression materials.
Classification of metallic materials used in fabrication of dental restorations and appliances.
Requirements for data set needed for patients who have been treated with dental implants.